“When I began to read, I began to exist.”  – Walter Dean Myers



Dear Daffodil Readers,

The Daffodil Diary offers a unique online book club whose main objective is to promote recovery through literature. You will find book reviews written by men and women who have turned to reading and writing to help them overcome a difficult period in their lives. They talk about their ‘miracle book’ and why it served as a cure for their soul/body. The Diary also provides an opportunity for members to share thoughts and opinions on certain reads, and suggest books that may help others on their journey to recovery.

It is based on the belief that books are forever; that nothing is ever lost if it is written down for others to read, and that stories matter. They can heal us and in turn we can help heal other people.


The Daffodil Diary’s Side by Side project is a special initiative launched to encourage women to support one another. The project is aimed at helping women recognize the value of embracing each others’ strengths and talents as opposed to letting their jealousy and prejudices cloud their judgements.

More importantly: it wants to remind women of the women who have helped shape who they are today, so to create an unbreakable chain of love and gratitude.

As part of our project, we pick a woman (at random) from our community each month and ask two or three other women to send her virtual surprise gifts that may include postcards, drawings, letters, photographs, and the like.



Lucia founded the Daffodil Diary as a way to combine her passion for the literary world and her desire to help people struggling with their emotional and physical health. She launched the Diary while in treatment for an autoimmune condition that brought with it a number of debilitating complications. Between blood tests and hospital visits and many (many) days in bed, she read a number of new books and discovered the incredible therapy of reading, writing, and sharing stories with amazing women who were facing battles far greater than her own. She felt the need to connect her love for books with her love for people, in the hope that together they might make a real difference to the world.